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Gut Buddies

Karl is a bacterial worm. Like all of us he’s been trying to find his own habitat, free from interruption and causing no harm to others. Finally, he found a spot in which he can survive undisturbed, until today. Brian is on his first day of work. A white blood cell and a faithful servant to the body but a warm hearted and curious creature. As he works alone he is watched over and commanded by the omnipotent brain. In a world that is threatened by the problems of coexistence and the respect for conformity, is it possible to be “Gut Buddies”? The piece blends cartoon imagery, with strong characters saturated by luminous colors and a space-age backdrop. These lovable, eccentric characters may be magnetic in empathy, but are a problematic pair. They are forced together in a highly institutionalized world riddled with a fear for liberty.

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Who's at The Door, We Can't Be Sure

Robin, John and Trish are three connected with the house. Bound by routine, these domestic comrades are pulled through a frustrated sense of time waiting for ‘Adam’ to come home. The three are mischievous companions facing the dangers of the outside world coming in. It is a tale of the hopeful doubt of whether they exist or not.


A box, placed in the centre, acting as a pedestal for the brightly lit cookie. It is an empty space, apart from Jonny and Robert, one following the other, and both showing “rattish” behaviour. They are arguing about their differences, and frustrated by their dependencies. They appear to be lost, moving forwards, as invisible forces disrupt their journey. It is a story of conformity, brotherhood, desperation and manipulation.

In Nature's Honour

A surreal journey of when man meets an android, a bath, and a fish. Through a simple effort to honour the natural world, his reality begins to warp as if his attempt to pay tribute backfires.